Phone Extension



Extension number, user first and last name, passwords, PIN, and Ring tone are defined here. Dial Plan and private ANI are also defined here along with Music-on-hold and others features. 


Calls can be redirected permanently or triggered by conditions such as no-answer, busy, not registered, and time out, and other reasons. Here cell numbers are attached to the extension for call redirection and transfer. Extension related call recording feature are also available here. 


This is the Voice Mailbox features and its management. Here users can enable, indicate what should be done the voice mail, and how many voice mail can be accepted. Included here options for sharing the voice mail and playing message envelop information.



Here users or administrators can enter the email id voice mail can be sent to and what should be sent as an email such as alerts.


Registration of devices is managed here. The system allow more than one device registered at the same time from the same of different locations. Users can specify the source IP addressed allowed to register. Used CODECS and registration logs are also found here.



Here where the Amin configure what permissions the extension has. Permission to manage the service, to jump into calls and listen to conversations, and other features.


User/Administrator can create button settings for each device and it can be automatically or manually selected by the user.



This feature make it possible to customize auto provisioning for each extension. RealPBX service allow multiple phone manufacturer devices to work. Thus, One template for each phone type is needed. RealPBX provide default templates.

Action URL


Here you can enter the credentials of the system which will receive the event based action urls. Also, you can define/customize each message (like the url, any additional headers, encoding type and body) that will be sent on each event.



This tap facilitate customizing the appearance of this extension web page.

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