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The Real Phoneless PBX is now a reality.

I consider every customer business an alive entity. A place for creative activities, building trust with customers, vendors, and colleagues, and discussing subjects that carry emotional context (need, help, care, etc.).

Voice communication is the best medium for exercising creativity, developing relationships, and communicating subjects with their emotional values.

Real Telecom development has always been centered around creating an environment conducive to facilitating the conduct of business creatively and building trust with our customers, vendors, and colleagues.

Real Telecom continues to enhance and add new features as it revolutionizes the voice telecommunications industry. The Business Voice Communication (BVC) Movement and Management services are flourishing and becoming an essential set of tools for our customers.

New Features

Our goal is to improve group communication. Vodia App now allows you to create one or more BVC Groups that you are a member of. We are testing the functionality of FAX and SMS communications. Additionally, we are working on completing the Video communication development and making it available to users.


The RealFAX service will be integrated into the RealPBX service.

By using the portal, users can send faxes directly from their FAX extensions. Incoming faxes will be sent directly to the email address listed on the FAX extension.


Our security system has been strengthened, and we now have a 6-layer stacked security system that has been repelling attacks from around the globe. The security system will continue to be monitored and prepared to confront future attempts.

Data Security is now part of our service portfolio. In response to a request from customers, we have developed a solution that can protect data from Ransomware and other malicious attempts, both internal and external.


We have successfully integrated our services with Microsoft TEAM services. This feature has allowed us to win customers who must have a phone system that integrates with TEAM. In addition, we integrated our services with Salesforce, Google, Zoho, and others.

New Customers

We gained new customers in the Car Dealership, School, Hotel, Health, and Food markets. Our service helped them transform their businesses and restructure to use features that are not found on any other system and that they did not know were available.


Now we offer a Premium Real SIP-Trunk. For many years, we have been providing SIP-Trunk to customers with traditional PBXs such as Avaya, Panasonic, and others. Our Premium SIP-Trunks enable customers to manage their inbound calls more effectively. Unlike the competition, Premium SIP-Trunk has unique features such as failover and automatic routing.


We built our own accounting system as an extension to our service platform. Using this new system, we can generate invoices that accurately reflect the services and send payment confirmations while maintaining customer information synchronized with the services and related activities such as one-time equipment purchases.

In addition, Real Telecom created the Real Reseller System to assist our resellers in managing their customers' activities and accounts as well as their relationship with Real Telecom.

In addition, we created the Real Portal. This portal for customers to manage their accounts. Customers can review their inbound and outbound calls and generate statistics. Also, they can review their invoices and payments. We will be able to provide you with your login and password upon request.

We created a new Web Site that you can access at www.realtelecom.com or www.realtelecom.ca to reflect our focus on Business Communication Services.

There is still a lot to do. We are working on features that will enhance group communication and add more flexibility to reconfiguring services. We will continue to enhance the current features so that users can realize the productivity they need now and in the future.

We will also continue treating customer businesses as precious and alive entities and organizations of creative ideas and trusting relationships.

I wish you a speedy recovery from the pandemic. Stay safe, healthy, and emotionally intelligent always. We are always here to help you and the businesses you recommend.

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