Service Flag

The Service Flag extension enables different call processing at different times and days. You can engage and disengage it manually or automatically.

After work and many other functions may be triggered when this flag is engaged. Whenever the flag is disengaged, the call processing may return to its usual state.

Some of the call processing the Service Flag used for:

  • After Work
    The night service redirects callers to the extension or telephone number of the person who covers the business during closed hours.
  • Voicemail
    The Service Flag allows the customer to leave a message and receive a reply from the company. 
  • Information
    A Service Flag can play different recordings of information (e.g., hours of operation, directions, contact information).
  • Group
    Service Flags can direct calls to different groups at different times and dates.
  • Auto Attendant
    Different Auto Attendants can be activated at different times and dates by the Service Flag.

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Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Management

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