Realfax is a fax to email and email to fax service.
Users can receive faxes from any fax machine and also send faxes to any fax machine.

RealFAX Features

  • You receive Faxes in one or more email addresses.
  • You can send faxes from your Microsoft Outlook or any Email Client.
  • You can send any file content as a Fax.
  •  No more out of paper, paper stuck, and empty ink cartridges.   
  • You can receive and send faxes anywhere you are.
  • As easy to use as sending and receiving an email.
  • No need for a phone line.
  • Low cost.
  • You can choose fax numbers from anywhere in Canada.
  • You can choose Toll Free fax number that can be reached from Canada and the USA.
  • We can port your existing fax number.
  •  FAX archiving.
  • No need for a FAX machine.

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