Real Conference Service

The Real Conference Service (RCS) supports group participation in a single call. In addition, the RCS design includes features and facilities that support the management of conferences and provide the flexibility needed.
RCS uses the most advanced infrastructure of the Real Platform for high quality voice, security, flexibility, and reliability.

Conference service fees are calculated based on a per participant per minute fee plus the costs of additional private access numbers.

The List of Features Include:

  •  Ad Hock and Scheduled Conferences.
  • Each customer may use one or more private conference rooms.
  • Users can access the conference room from anywhere.
  • Real Conference can call and insert attendees into the conference.
  • Separate accounting for each conference room.
  • Secured and recordable conference.
  •  Full moderator control (click for more details).
  •  Conference recording and monitoring.
  • Local access numbers anywhere in North America and Europe.
  • Managed by clients.
  • Users of the Real PBX extensions can join the conference by dialing the conference number.    

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