Real Business Service (RBS)


Providing high quality telecommunication services that is features rich, low cost, and are very flexible. The Real Telecom Service Platform flexibility affords very fast adaptability to business environment while enabling communication from everywhere to everywhere 

How do we accomplish it

We created new in house unique technology and revolutionized the way the services are provided. We eliminated the need for capital to acquire, update, and resize the services. Also, we converted the cost of service to a variable cost and enabled the customers to focus on conducting their business while we take care of all aspects of the services’ operation, support, and technical currency

Service Models

Real Telecom provides the services in Hosted and Node service models. The Hosted model is based on operating the services in our data center and the Service Node model includes a physical node in the customers’ premises that Real Telecom operates and maintain. The Service Node model is best suited for large Enterprise customers

Business Model

Real Telecom offers its services to customers on Outsourcing Basis. The customers will be charged a monthly fee based on two possible scenarios:        

Unlimited Scenario

This scenario offers unlimited concurrent calls and unlimited usage. This also includes unlimited support, maintenance, training, and add and change. Real Telecom will charge customers a monthly fee per extension

Limited Scenario
The number of concurrent calls is limited to an agreed upon number in this scenario. The support, maintenance, and add and change are included. Real Telecom will charge lower fee per extension and a fixed fee per concurrent call (line)

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